Google made the right Burger to Android 8.1

The announcement of Android 8.0 took place some time ago. The system was interesting, but has not been without drawbacks. It turned out that Google incorrectly portrayed Emoji in a hamburger. Artists drew the cheese under the Patty, although it should be the opposite.

Many thought it was a problem. On the Internet there was uproar about this. Forced said Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, promised to correct the error. According to Android 8.1, the Manager kept his word.

Android 8.1 update contains a modified smiley face. The cheese in the picture is as it should be – above the chop. So it melts easier. In addition, Google brought to mind the other icons.

The release of Android 8.1 is not far off. Now the OS is in beta testing. The final build is expected later this year. The impatient can download a preview version for developers – Android 8.1 Developer Preview 2.