Google Chrome for Android will receive a unique function

Google Chrome for Android improves with each update. It is reported that soon the browser will provide export password and support for HDR (high dynamic range). In addition, the developers promise a custom folder for downloads.

Now the files in mobile Chrome are placed in the default directory. The path chosen by the program. However, it is inconvenient shortage of space on the device. The drive turns into a dump of documents, images and archives. In the near future the situation will change for the better.

Google decided to allow users to specify where to save the content. If you want, all is stored on the memory card. Unfortunately, the exact release date is not. It is known only that the innovation is tested in Chromium (on which Chrome is created).

Chrome for Android quickly opens sites that uses less traffic, managed voice and translates any text on the screen. Above is only a small part of the possibilities.