Google 7.17 became more beautiful and smarter

Google continues to bring to mind the search application. It is reported that the program has been updated to version 7.17. It can be downloaded in the Google Play store. Pleased AT the improved design and new features.

7.17 offers Google changed the Google preferences page Assistant. The latter looks cleaner, thanks to missing delimiters. Also renamed the menu “General device” (Shared Devices) in a “Voice line” (Voice Match).

In addition, the code Google 7.17 there are hints of Android OS P. This is probably already being developed. The presentation will take place in 2018. What do you mean “P” – no information. The options are numerous: “Peanut butter”, “Pistachio”, “Popsicle”, “Poptart”, “Pie” and so on.

In addition, there are references on Google Lens. It is expected the possibility of transferring new types of text, sync cards for Chrome, save, and import content into Google Keep. Listed will appear in the next builds.