Geekbench revealed all the secrets processor, Meizu M6s

On the website benchmark Geekbench appeared a smartphone Meizu M6s (aka Meizu mBlu S6). Test confirms most of the characteristics, which brightened earlier. According to the report, the device has 3 GB of RAM and running Android 7.0.

Also, the device equipped with a processor from Samsung. Model SoC Geekbench hiding. The platform is equipped with 6 cores with a clock speed of 1.59 GHz. Probably talking about the Exynos chip 7872 (not yet formally introduced).

If you believe the leaks, Exynos 7872 established according to the norm 14 nm. The role of graphics is Mali-G71. Other details are not available. As for performance, the decision is similar to the Snapdragon 625.

In the “single-core” Exynos 7872 received 1312 points. Still 3134 points brought to the test of “multi-core”. In addition, there are rumors of a version of the Meizu M6s on the basis of MediaTek. However, Meizu has no tradition of SoC change in a similar way.