Face ID cheated with a mask

Face ID is a new “Apple” system of identification. IPhone X it replaced the fingerprint scanner Touch ID. Apple claims that the technology is safe. The chance of erroneous face recognition – 1 out of 1 000 000.

Likely, the engineers from Cupertino mistaken. Said proved the company Bkav. The latter made a special mask that can deceive Face ID. The basis of the product printed on a 3D printer and a variety of details.

There’s makeup, the nose is made of silicone and the eyes are photographic images. The price of materials is about $150. A method, according to Bkav, suitable for hacking phones of politicians and businessmen.

How does it work? In the Internet appeared the video that demonstrates the process. However, Bkav not go into the details. The purpose was only to show the shortcomings of the Face ID.

Apparently, the Face ID does not provide reliable protection. Fingerprint sensors like Touch ID that do the job better. Apple has not commented on the events.