DAC Aqstic AQT1000 from Qualcomm — the dream of an audiophile

Qualcomm creates mobile processors. It is reported that the manufacturer has introduced their DAC for fans of Hi-Fi. Digital-to-analog Converter is called Aqstic AQT1000. This is the first such device in the Arsenal of the company.

Aqstic AQT1000 — a real gift for audiophiles. The product connects to the phone using USB Type-C Also DAC has an output of 3.5 mm for headphones. This allows us to enjoy high quality sound wherever you go.

Aqstic AQT1000 transmits music with a sampling frequency of 384 kHz and 32 bits. Parameter THD+N is 105 dB, a dynamic range of 123 dB. Declared support for DSD format used for storing live performances and concerts.

Aqstic AQT1000 turns any smartphone into a Hi-Fi player. On the market the novelty will appear next year. Own headset Qualcomm release is not going. The module will be part of devices from third-party developers.