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High quality and great compatibility with iPhone and Android, makes Meizu EP52 Sports headphones are an excellent accessory for your smartphone. The perfect musical companion for sports people and anyone who wants to enjoy music on the go and in motion. The gadget allows you to stay connected while working, exercising and simply while walking.

A water-resistant casing splash resistant and sweat makes EP52 one of the best Bluetooth headphone for sports. This headset has a battery capacity 130 mAh battery, you can play music up to 6 hours on a single charge. And the full charging time is only 2 hours. Impressive, right? That’s not all, the rest of the details about these headphones, read our review.


  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Resistance: 32 Ohm
  • Power: 10 mW
  • Bluetooth: 4.1, CSR 8645, Qualcomm aptX
  • Sensitivity: 93 dB
  • Degree of protection: IPX5 (splash proof)
  • Dimensions: 152×113 mm
  • Weight: 22 grams
  • Remote: three-button
  • Operation distance: 10 meters
  • Color: red, gray


Appearance Meizu EP52 Sports Bluetooth Stereo Earphone headset differs from the previous EP51. We really like their design with the cord holder and the build quality. For this price, headphones are not just beautifully made, they take into account many things while using. Case headset is made from aviation aluminum, and it= is only 22 grams.

The earphones durable and looks beautiful, just like smartphones Meizu. Silicone earbuds fit snugly to the ears, in the package there are a few tips that are different sizes. Everyone can choose the most convenient nozzles for myself. Glad that the earphones do not fall out even while walking or running.

The design includes a special magnetized edges, which keep the earphones locked (connected) state when stored or when wearing around the neck. So the wire is not tangled and that they will not fall. They also possess a water-resistant coating to the standard of IPX5, which protects the headset from sweat. However, the company does not recommend using them under heavy rain and in the pool. But a light splash of Meizu EP52’m not afraid.

Ease of use

Meizu EP52 Sports Stereo Bluetooth (that’s their full name), is a sports-oriented headphones, single earpiece weighs just 3 grams. They are waterproof (IPX5), and Meizu uses high quality silicone to manufacture nozzles. The company claims that you will get about 6 hours of continuous music playback from a single full charge of battery.

While in standby mode, they can hold about 150 hours when connected to your phone via Bluetooth. By the way, Bluetooth version of 4.1 is used, is the British chip CSR 8645 support aptX Qualcomm algorithm.

The sound quality

The sound quality of Meizu EP52 Sports a surprisingly good given their cost. A headset provides decent sound insulation. The sound is balanced and clean though you will not hear much bass from these little drivers. Electronic music without deep bass – so you can briefly describe the sound EP52.

But what pleases me is that even at max volume, the headphones do not crack and do not distort the signal. Complete the on-resistance is 32 Ohms, so even with the weakest phone, the headset sounds very clear and loud.

But, the call quality is very mediocre: at this time, the company saved money by installing the microphone. Although it is today for most low and medium headphones. During a call, you hear everything fine but the interlocutor can hear you so-so.

Wireless properties of the headphones is just great: the stated 10 meters works with Bluetooth work to complete. But if you will be gone more than 10 meters, the sound will be distorted. The same can be said about the doors and walls in the room, they strongly influence the signal transmission. Still Meizu EP52 more designed for use in open space.


The battery is checked only 130 mAh, it’s a small battery which is even less than in the Mi headphones Sport. With regard to working time, Meizu said about 6 hours play music, to practice somewhere and it turns out. And, although the final time of the operation greatly depends on the selected volume, you’ll be able to listen to music about 6 hours of easy to moderate level.

It’s good, but there are headphones that work for longer. According to Meizu, to fully charge the headset Sports Bluetooth Meizu EP52 from zero percent to 100% takes about 2 hours. In reality, a full charge time is slightly less than 2 hours.

To suit Meizu EP52

This wireless headset is ideal for athletes and anyone who wants to enjoy music wherever they are. Wireless and lightweight, these earphones give you total freedom during sports activities.

High strength and elastic cable, which by the way is not confused, will allow the device to last long enough. You will love the magnetic “clasp”, thanks to which you can wear headphones on the neck and not be afraid to lose them.


Meizu EP52 Sports Bluetooth Stereo Earphone is a very good wireless headset for athletes. As usual, Meizu offers us much more than the asking for these headphones. And a few words about the price, now the gadget is about 35-60 dollars in the popular Chinese stores.

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Summing itoriginalthe Sound ofthe Autonomy ofPersonal впечатленияMeizu EP52 – it’s a beautiful wireless headphones, in this price range there is no analogues. They sound good, have a magnetic clasp on the case, splash proof and compatible with all smartphones and tablets thanks to the Bluetooth module Galagram