Brand Blue Charm will turn into mBlu

Liked the gadgets Meizu branded Blue Charm? Alas, this unit will change the name soon. Rumors about this went a long time. Now there is another proof. The network leaked photo of the new wired headphone manufacturer.

On the device there is a mark – mBlu. The announcement of the accessory will happen soon. There are also other signs renaming. A few weeks ago, the Internet lit up phone mBlu Zero, and Blue Charm got the address

Rebranding, according to insiders, will take place in December this year. Unfortunately, the logo mBlu is still hiding. Fans better be patient and wait for the official presentation.

This reorganization in the spirit of Meizu. The company recently split into 3 parts. Actually Meizu took on flagship smartphones. On Blue Charm made for the average and budget classes. Department of Flyme, in turn, engaged in a brand.