Boway presents Notch — “killer” iPhone X

The release of the iPhone X, without a doubt, the most important event of the year. Apple unveiled its not perfect, but impressive machine. Phone happy, a different from all competitors. The device stands out from the crowd.

For some Chinese brands iPhone X has become a role model. It is reported that the Watch company has created a clone of Apple news. Called gadget Watch someone from a distance really looks like a flagship Apple. Even brand cutout on the screen there.

Alas, Boway Notch — imperfect copy iPhone X. the Product is devoid of 3D facial recognition scares the thickened lower frame and runs on Android (instead of iOS). In addition, the similarity spoils the Watch logo on the rear panel.

If we talk about the technical stuffing, the characteristics hidden. Is lit only images with a closed presentation. As for the price, it will be low. Afford Boway Notch everyone can. For comparison — in iPhone X asking for about 1000 USD.