Blue Charm personally head Huang Zhang, Meizu head

We already wrote that Meizu is divided into 3 parts — Meizu Blue Charm and Flyme. Each division is now a separate company for its purpose. Meizu launches its flagship smartphones. Flyme is developing a proprietary shell on Android. Blue Charm is responsible for the model of medium and budget class, as well as accessories.

Previously it was assumed that to lead Blue Charm will Nan, Vice President of Meizu. Recently, however, the situation has changed. According to rumors, the control of the Blue Charm will take personally, Juan Zhang, known to the public as Jack Wong.

Huang Zhang is the founder and CEO of Meizu. Recently, he has led to success and will support Blue Charm. However, specific plans are hidden. What is clear is that expect big announcements in 2018.

In addition, the Blue Charm will soon renamed mBlu. On said show the new brand logo, buy domain screenshots of the revised website and other leaks.