Apple weaned HomePod crack house

Apple faces many technical errors. Recently the company released an update for iOS 11.1.2 eliminating spontaneous reboot iPhone and other gadgets. Now released update for smart HomePod column.

The release device has not yet happened. At the moment only tested HomePod journalists. However, the product is uncomfortable questions. Experimentally it was found that the device has a critical vulnerability.

HomePod allows attackers to crack the HomeKit accessories — like smart locks. Pleasant enough, if the door opens outside. However, Apple fixed the bug in the shortest possible time. Victims need to download patch 11.2.1 iOS, weighing in at 70 MB.

When the novelty will become available to everyone? The sale was to start at the end of this year. Alas, having production troubles. On the shelves HomePod will get only in early 2018. The Apple fans will have to be patient.