Apple taught Shazam to work offline

Last week Apple announced the purchase of the recognition service Shazam music. The deal cost the Corporation at $ 400 million. Now the future of the application is quite vague. Many fear that the service will dissolve in the Apple ecosystem.

However, the fears are unnecessary. Shazam, the leading story in 2002, continues to be updated. It is reported that mobile client for iOS received an update. The program was added an important feature — offline mode.

Shazam allows you to start the detection of the track offline. However, the song title will be issued immediately. Will have to wait until the device will be in the network. But even this significantly speeds up the process.

In addition, Shazam identificeret television and advertising. The project is available on a variety of platforms. There are versions for Android, Mac OS and other systems. The number of users from 190 countries more than 1 000 000 000. Perhaps the Alliance with Apple will increase this number.