Apple has disabled face recognition iPhone X in the “Family access”

Face ID is one of the key features of the iPhone X. Apple rejected the fingerprint scanner Touch ID in favor of face recognition. However, this solution does not always work. As it turned out, the company has restricted the use of options in some cases.

It turned out that the Face ID is not in the “Family access”. Said complicates the approval of parents shopping children. Each request requires that you enter the full Apple ID password. The latter is known can be extremely long and tedious.

Probably the fault of the imperfection of technology. Face ID confuses family members having external similarity. Nothing prevents the son or daughter unlock the phone and spend money on inappropriate content.

However, officially Apple this version is not confirmed. Perhaps all is due to other reasons. Have Face ID do a lot of problems. Recently, the media reported the scandal in China. iPhone X no longer distinguish one Chinese from another.