Apple apologized for the slow old iPhone

Old Apple iPhone are beginning to work openly slowly. Recently it became clear that this involved the Apple. Experts and users have proved the company artificially slows down some models.

Many such policies angered. The owners of Apple iPhone have decided that Apple intentionally pushes the purchase of a new phone. Some have even filed for a Corporation in court. Now, Apple faces legal proceedings.

Part of the blame Apple denies. The developers have confirmed the limitation of the performance of a number of devices older than iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. the list includes products with degraded batteries. Processor frequency is reduced to avoid a sudden disconnection of the iPhone.

In addition, the manufacturer has published a letter with an official apology. As compensation, Apple offers discount to replace the battery. Until December 2018 the service will cost 29 us dollars (instead of $79). Also iOS will get the feature that reports the status of the power source.