Android Oreo brought on Xiaomi Mi A1 quick charging

Xiaomi Mi A1 is one of the best phones in the price range up to $200. In addition, the device is included in the program Android One. The novelty works under control of Android, and receives regular updates.

At the moment we are testing Android 8.0 Oreo for the device. It is reported that the beta participants found an unexpected function. Current OS added Xiaomi Mi A1 fast charging Quick Charge. The latter is not present in the original model.

It is written is simple — for Quick Charge is required to pay royalties to Qualcomm. However, Xiaomi doesn’t want to bother licensing fees. Perhaps for Xiaomi Mi A1 it will change. Technology enlivens the battery for 92 minutes.

However, without the disadvantages of not done. Test Quick Charge passed using the OnePlus Charger Dash. It is unknown whether standard charger Xiaomi. Want to improve Xiaomi Mi A1 will have to buy another accessory?