A review of the DVR 70 Minutes Xiaomi Smart WiFi Car DVR

Xiaomi is a company that produces many different devices, from smart cameras to those that can be used daily. But today we talk about video recorder for car 70 Minutes Xiaomi WiFi Smart Car DVR. With it you can record everything that happens while driving and if, by chance, happen some accident you will have proof. Let’s move on to the review of the device.

What is the device

This little device from Xiaomi will easily become an indispensable assistant in your life. Because through it, you can avoid many of the problems associated with accidents. The camera has a small size: 10×5.50×3.20 cm and a small weight – 70 grams. The device may be attached to the windshield of your car.

Special double-sided tape has a coating, resistant to high temperature. So do not be afraid that the camera will fall on hot days. After installation, device will be difficult to move. As for the design of the camera itself, it is minimalistic.

An interesting solution of this device is the presence of the indicator in the form of a ring. The led tells you the state in which the unit is located, regardless of whether it is enabled or not. The camera can recognize various suspicious situations and will alert you blue, red or green.

Features of the DVR

The camera has a Sony sensor HD IMX323. Thanks to him, the video picture is very clear. Xiaomi 70 Minutes Smart Car will be able to record videos up to 1080p resolution that provides a good quality image, whether it be Sunny days, rainy days or cloudy nights. The device is equipped with a battery of 240 mAh. Charging the camera using a simple USB that can connect directly to the car.

Features 70 Minutes Xiaomi Smart Car

You will be surprised, but this little device has voice control. With the help of it you can turn on or off the camera, start recording or stop it and take a picture. If you need to do some action, without being distracted from driving, just say it in a loud voice. Unfortunately the camera is not able to recognize even the English language. Let’s hope that soon the craftsmen will be able to implement it.

Another useful feature – the capture angle of 130°. This gives you a broad overview of the picture. It should be remembered that this device has no screen. But it has wifi and you can connect to your smartphone and view all the media files.

Price and where to buy

DVR 70 Minutes Xiaomi WiFi Smart Car DVR can be purchased at Chinese online shop Gearbest for a great price of $35. If you really are thinking about buying, then hurry, because this price will not last forever!

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