9 Global MIUI Beta ROM 7.12.21 — what’s new and overview of the updates

This Friday Xiaomi company will release its smartphone line Mi and Redmi weekly update firmware 9 Beta MIUI Global ROM 7.12.21. Galagram tells us what changes happened in this version and whether to upgrade.

Improvements in MIUI 7.12.21

  • Quick reply to WhatsApp messages on the lock screen without the need of unlocking the device.
  • Fixed: bug with Bluetooth that I was not able to activate the module on some devices .
  • Fixed: icon recorded call not shown in call history, it now shows in history, all become more clear.
  • This is the entire list of changes that have affected the smartphones of Xiaomi together with MIUI update 9 Global Beta ROM 7.12.21. This week not much. As we predicted earlier, the developers focused on improving the stability of the system. Any new chips until the New Year will appear in MIUI not.