8 iPhone win iPhone X Google search

Google has shared some interesting statistics for 2017. A published report about the most popular queries in search. The first place is hurricane Irma, and the next two belong to Apple. Talking about the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, respectively.

If we talk only about technology, iPhone 8 — the undisputed leader. Google users interested in the office since the beginning of the year. iPhone X is in the second position — look for the device began only in September.

As for the Android operating system, Samsung Galaxy S8 on the list. The product goes under the fourth. Separately want to note the success of the gaming Razer Phone. This is the seventh device in the Google rankings.

However, more surprising is the updated Nokia 3310. Cell showed the sixth result — an impressive feat for a gadget with a 17-year history. In addition, in the top ten lit OnePlus and Oppo F5 5.