When Will Apple Watch Series 3 Have Support for Sirius XM?

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  • Anyone who’s listened to Sirius XM on their commute knows just how great the service is.

    With access to over 175 channels, including all of the music genres you can bear, Howard Stern, NASCAR, MLB, NFL, Comedy Central, and so much more, Sirius XM seems to be an endless stream of audio entertainment; but is it?

    If you’re spending roughly $10-$20 monthly on satellite radio, there’s a good chance you’d like to use it outside of your vehicle. And the good news is, you can. But you can’t use it everywhere.

    Which Devices Can Stream Sirius XM?

    With a Sirius XM subscription, you can stream music and other audio content to almost any modern device you own. It’s truly incredible how many devices Sirius XM is available for. So which devices can play Sirius XM?

    • Your Mac or PC.
    • Your iPhone or iPad.
    • Your Apple TV.
    • Your Android devices.
    • Your Amazon Echo, Fire Stick/TV, or other Alexa device.
    • Your Sonos speakers.
    • Your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Sony TV, or Blu-ray Player.
    • Your Roku devices.

    Will Sirius XM Be Available on Apple Watch?

    Since the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE was released, Sirius XM subscribers have wondered when their favorite wearable would receive support for the app.

    Unfortunately, Sirius XM is not currently available for Apple Watch.

    However, customer support at Sirius XM has heeded requests from users regarding Apple Watch support.

    With the list of devices supporting Sirius XM today being so lengthy, there is a very high possibility we’ll see Apple Watch Series 3 support in the near future.

    Final Thoughts

    While Apple Music has so may useful features (like the ability to save your music, create and share playlists, and listen to specific songs on-demand), its radio feature simply can’t match the vast variety and nostalgic radio feeling Sirius XM provides.

    But we have to keep in mind that these services are very different, and each service has a bounty of strengths. Music enthusiasts would feel right at home with a subscription to both services.

    However, if you planned to purchase an Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE connectivity to stream your favorite tunes anywhere, Sirius XM’s lack of Apple Watch support might be a deal breaker.

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