U.S. iPhone X Shipping Estimates Improve to Just One Week

You might be able to get an iPhone X a lot easier (and sooner) than expected this year — probably in time for the rapidly approaching holidays.

iPhone X shipping estimates are continually improving, and as of Dec. 1, shipping estimates within the U.S. have decreased to about a week. Apple’s online retail store shows an estimated delivery date of Dec. 8 for the iPhone X, meaning that new orders of the premium flagship should ship out just a few days.

Notably, the new shipping estimate shaves about a week off of the previous estimate of 1- to 2-week shipping recorded late last month.

Estimates are improving globally, too. Apple’s Canadian website shows that iPhone X orders will arrive in about five business days, and several Apple online stores in Europe list an estimated delivery date of Dec. 11. Across countries such as Australia, New Zealand and others, shipping estimates span the gamut from several business days to two weeks.

In addition to improved shipping estimates for Apple’s online store, many iPhone X buyers have noted that they received their devices earlier than expected. In addition, throughout November, Apple’s brick-and-mortar retail outlets have seemingly been getting regular shipments of the OLED smartphone.

All of this points toward Apple significantly ramping up its mass production of the iPhone X, presumably to meet the incredible demand for the device. Part of that is likely due to the company resolving some production and assembly bottlenecks with the iPhone X’s TrueDepth Camera and other sensitive yet critical components, according to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

The new reality of when customers will be receiving their iPhone X is a from reports prior to the device’s release. Several analysts forecasted that it would be extremely difficult to get your hands on Apple’s OLED handset until next year at the earliest. Shipping estimates in the wake of the device’s Oct. 27 pre-orders were as high as 5 to 6 weeks.

But because of its production ramp up and its resolving of production issues, Apple has apparently been able to improve iPhone X supply a lot earlier than expected — true to CEO Tim Cook’s word that the company would be working to get the device to as many customers “as soon as possible.” It seems that Apple could reach supply-demand equilibrium a lot sooner than expected.

So yes, it won’t be as hard as we originally thought to get yourself — or a loved one — an iPhone X this year.

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