Tesla Unveils New Blazing Fast All-Wheel Drive Roadster

On Thursday, Tesla’s Elon Musk unveiled new electric semi-trucks that can go 400 miles on a 30 minute charge, but there’s one more thing: The all new second generation Tesla Roadster. Tesla claims it will be the quickest—and possibly fastest— production car ever made. And, it’s all-electric.

First Tesla’s vehicles were ‘insane’, then ‘ludicrous’, and then maximum plaid, but now we’re beyond even that. Tesla says their newest Roadster will go 0-60 mph in under a record-shattering 1.9 seconds.

In fact, according to Tesla’s website the car will do 0-100 mph in just over four seconds and compete the quarter mile in less than nine seconds. That’s mind-blowingly quick! To top things off, the car should have a 620 mile range and a top speed of well over 250 mph. The vehicle also features 10,000 Nm of wheel torque.

The vehicle will feature three electric motors, all-wheel drive, a removable glass roof (that conveniently stores in one of the vehicle’s trunks), and it will be the first super car (according to Tesla) to set performance-based records and still be roomy enough to be able to seat four passengers comfortably.

The Tesla Roadster will start at $200,000 and can be reserved for $50,000 today. A special Founder’s Series will cost $250,000 and can be reserved today for full price. The Founder’s Series will have a limited production run of 1000 units. Full details regarding the vehicles and available options are still not known.

Compared to other cars that exceed 250 mph, the price could be a real bargain. However, online reports have stated that the quality of their vehicles aren’t up-to-par with similarly-priced vehicles, and they aren’t holding up very well over time. Some models are facing issues with trim that doesn’t line up properly, and even interior door panels peeling off.

Additionally, the Model X and Model 3 have had some production issues, with the majority of Model 3 customers still waiting on their vehicles. Hopefully Tesla can make a comeback though, because the company is driving the future in the right direction—both literally and figuratively.

You can learn more about the Tesla Roadster and reserve yours online here.

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