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New Apple Patent Corroborates AR Smart Glasses Development

Apple’s ongoing work in the augmented reality (AR) space is no secret. Not only has the company been granted a range of technical patents covering its work in the development of AR, but rumor has it that the company is forging right along in its pursuit to develop a sophisticated pair of high-tech smart glasses […]

Apple Enforces Strict New Rules for App Developers

Apple’s Developer Program is a great opportunity for companies and individual designers to get their applications in front of millions of iOS users. However, Apple often announces new rules to ensure that developers don’t abuse the scheme and to allow the smooth rollout of apps. Now, according to reports, the company has unveiled several new measures […]

This Tool Uses Legal Loopholes to Secure You the Cheapest Flights

Finding the cheapest flights can be tricky, especially since prices tend to fluctuate rapidly and so many third-party services like Expedia, KAYAK and Priceline exist and are vying for your business. There’s an innovative new tool on the block now though, and according to Business Insider it’s specifically designed to exploit 100% legal loopholes in an effort […]

Audiophile Calls AirPods ‘Best’ Wireless Earbuds He’s Ever Heard

Vlad Savov, a self-professed audiophile and one of The Verge’s founding editorial staff members, was skeptical of AirPods. That is, until he got around to trying them. In a recent review published over a year after AirPods launched, Savov praised the first-generation Apple wireless headphones — The Verge called it a “belated discovery.” Savov writes that, […]

Facebook Stock Plummets Amid Massive Data Breach Scandal

Facebook’s stock plummeted Monday after the social media company revealed that it had shared user data with a political analysis firm. By noon Pacific Time, Facebook’s stock had tumbled nearly 7.5 percent. That presents a market capitalization loss of over $43 billion for the firm. The controversy began when The New York Times and several publications […]

New Samsung Patent Shows Unique Expandable Smartphone Design

Adding to its list of seemingly impossible smartphone concept designs, Samsung this week filed its latest patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) covering a unique and 100 percent original smartphone form-factor featuring an expandable display. Albeit somewhat along the lines of Apple’s previous scrollable display smartphone patents, Samsung’s vision is of a […]

Has Apple Dropped the Ball on Siri?

Jump To: A Brief Background of Siri What Went Wrong? Other Problems If you’ve ever used Siri, then you’ll know she’s not exactly the sharpest tool in Cupertino’s otherwise innovative tool-shed. Sure, Siri can handle some voice recognition tasks with ease, and Apple has repeatedly issued updates which have dramatically improved her overall capabilities — adding […]

Apple Announces Shinjuku, Tokyo Store and More U.S. Renovations

After opening a swath of new retail storefronts last year, including its dazzling Dubai mall location, the company announced a spate of next-generation renovations which have taken place at Apple Stores all across the country — including a massive facelift to its San Francisco, California location in the upscale Union Square neighborhood. This week, the […]