Motorola Laughably Tries to Take on iPhone X, Galaxy Note in New Ad

Whether it’s happened behind courtroom doors before a judge and jury, or as part of a broader, more commercialized campaign blitz, Apple and Samsung have a rich history of “going after” each-other’s flagship products. Save for their years-old intellectual property and design patent disputes, which were most recently laid out before the U.S. Supreme Court, Samsung even more recently sought to outright delegitimize Apple’s high-end iPhone X via its latest and most deceptively misleading Pro-Galaxy propaganda yet.

Now, in what appears to be a half-baked attempt at flaunting its latest Z2 Play smartphone, the Lenovo-owned Motorola has come out with its own satirical ad spot which not only picks up right where Samsung’s left off (as far as the storyline and smartphone smack-talking are pertinent), but is ingeniously dedicated to promoting a modular accessory as the cornerstone feature of the otherwise mid-range Z-series device.

Dubbed “Up-upgrade” — a clear swipe at Samsung’s previous ad bearing the similar “Upgrade” name — Motorola’s ad can be viewed in the YouTube video below. Of course, what’s most interesting about this ad is that Motorola essentially came waltzing along and, unwittingly or not, decided that instead of flaunting the Z2 Play’s specifications, it would simply dedicate nearly the entire, 35-second ad to showcasing the handset’s after-market projector mod accessory.

Not included with the purchase of a Z2 Play, of course, the projector mod, when attached, allows users to project an expanded display on any flat surface for an additional $299, according to Motorola’s website.

In comparison, Apple and Samsung have historically knocked each other over the objective superiority of their flagship’s in-built features and/or designs — while the vast assortment of accessories for iPhone and Galaxy devices, respectively, have seldom if ever made such major appearances in their commercials.

Still, the Motorola-designed projector mod is pretty awesome — and it certainly gives Z2 Play owners willing to shell out the cash a talking point as to how Moto ‘blows away the competition’ or whatever. However, at the end of the day, it’s definitely worth pointing out that the unit is merely an overpriced, cumbersome, and somewhat inconvenient add-on accessory for what’s inherently a middle-of-the-road Android smartphone.

What do you think about Motorola’s latest ad spot promoting its Z2 Play over Apple’s iPhone X and Samsung’s Galaxy? Let us know in the comments.

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