How to Stream NCAA March Madness on iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple TV

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  • Official App Method
  • Cord-Cutter Method
  • The NCAA’s Selection Sunday might be over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch the rest of the upcoming March Madness games.

    In fact, if you didn’t watch Selection Sunday, you might have a chance at streaming future games without paying anything — at least, temporarily.

    Here’s how to stream NCAA March Madness games on your iOS devices, Mac, or Apple TV.

    √ Official App Method

    The easiest way to watch NCAA games is to use the official NCAA March Madness app — available here on the iOS App Store or the Apple TV App Store.

    The catch is that the app limits you to only three hours of free streaming until you have to plug in your cable credentials.

    That might have gotten you through Selection Sunday, but you won’t be able to watch the rest of the March Madness games without paying anything.

    If you’re on a PC or Mac, you can go to the official NCAA March Madness site in your favorite browser.

    If you don’t have cable credentials, that presents a problem. Which brings us to the other method.

    √ Cord-Cutter Method

    There are a slew of online streaming packages that feature the NCAA games — and they all have free trials that you can sign up for (assuming that you haven’t already). They include Sling TV, DirecTV Now, YouTube TV or Hulu with Live TV.

    If you haven’t used any of the free trials, then you can use the following links to sign up for them.

    • Sling TV (7-Day Free Trial)
    • DirecTV Now (7-Day Free Trial)
    • YouTube TV (7-Day Free Trial)
    • Hulu with Live TV (30-Day Free Trial)

    Theoretically, you can “stack” the Sling TV, DirecTV Now and YouTube TV free trials to get yourself 21 days of free streaming. If you start now, that’ll get you through the rest of March Madness.

    Alternatively, if you’ve never signed up for Hulu with Live TV, you can get the first month of streaming free with their trial. That’ll also get you through March.

    Once you sign up for the service or services, you can stream NCAA games through the appropriate apps or websites.

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