How to Get Pug Emoji on iPhone

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  • How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 11
  • How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 10
  • Emoji are a fun way to communicate a variety of concepts to your friends — but they’re not perfect. As a key example: there is, sadly, no pug emoji.

    Thankfully, as of iOS 10, Apple has introduced the ability to download and install third-party stickers and apps for Messages.

    Since developers can basically create any sort of sticker pack that they wish, there are — as expected — a wide variety of pug-themed apps, stickers and emoji you can install and use. Here’s how.

    How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 11

  • Open Messages.

  • Choose a Contact you want to send awesome pug stickers to.

  • At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the App Drawer.

  • Tap on the App Store logo and tap “Visit Store”.

  • Tap the Search icon, and type in “pug” or some derivative of that.

  • Find the pug pack you’d like to download. Some are free, many aren’t — but choose whichever one speaks to you.

  • When you do, tap “Get”. Use Touch ID to confirm your download.

  • Once it’s installed, you’ll see the sticker pack at the bottom of the App Drawer in Messages.

  • From here, you’ll be able to use the third-party stickers in any conversation with other iMessage users running iOS 10 or iOS 11.

    Just open the sticker pack and tap on an emoji to send as a message, or drag and drop them onto a conversation bubble to use as a sticker.

  • How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 10

  • In Messages, tap on the right-facing Arrow next to the text input.

  • Tap on the App Store icon.

  • Tap on the four-dot icon in the bottom left.

  • Tap on Store.

  • From here, the process is the same. Tap on the Search icon, type in “pug,” and download the pack you like best.

  • But What About (Other Dog Breed)?

    For other dog lovers besides pug-fanatics, you can rest assured that there are tons of other options spanning many different dogs breeds.

    • For German Shepherd lovers, there’s GSDmoji ($2.99).
    • Fans of Golden Retrievers will find options such as Golden Retriever Illustrated Stickers ($0.99).
    • There’s also CollieMoji ($1.99), as well as Labrador Retriever ($0.99) and French Bulldog sticker packs ($1.99).
    • Again, rather sadly, there doesn’t appear to be an “Australian Shepherd” sticker pack yet — though maybe some intrepid app developer out there could correct that?

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  • How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 11
  • How to Get Pug Emoji in iOS 10
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