Data Shows Apple Devices Dominated Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Some of the sales data for the Black Friday weekend is starting to roll in, and it seems to suggest that Apple had a great weekend in terms of performance.

Black Friday iPhone Sales

  • Apple reportedly sold about 15 million iPhone units over the Black Friday weekend. Out of that, about 6 million were iPhone X devices, according to analysts at market research firm Rosenblatt. The analysts added that the higher-tier, 256GB iPhone X model was nearly twice as popular as the less expensive 64GB model.
  • The larger-capacity iPhone X, which sells for about $150 more than the base $999 price for the 64GB model, means that it pulls in a higher revenue and a greater profit margin than the standard configuration. In other words, it’s a good sign for Apple’s bottom line.
  • Additionally, Rosenblatt’s report indicated that Apple will likely ship about 30 million iPhone X units throughout the holiday quarter. Apple’s own earnings guidance suggests that it’s planning on selling more than 80 million iPhones in the quarter, a new unit and revenue record.
  • The analysts estimated that Apple and its supply partners are producing about 3 million iPhone X units a week.

Cyber Monday Sales

Similarly, early sales data for Cyber Monday also bodes well for Apple — particularly as this year’s event was the “largest online sales day in history” with a total of $6.59 billion spent globally, according to Adobe.

Various Apple products did extremely well yesterday, including both Apple’s AirPods wireless earbuds and its iPad lineup. Both devices were listed as top electronics sellers this year by Adobe, alongside Google Chromecast, Nintendo Switch and others. Similarly, AirPods were listed as overall top sellers this Cyber Monday.

In terms of discounts, a handful of online retailers offered sales prices on several varieties of iPad, including the entry-level 9.7-inch tablet, and both the 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

As far as AirPods, Walmart was one of a handful of retailers which offered a discount on the popular Bluetooth headphones — offering a $15 discount on the normal price tag of $159.

While Apple’s products did well, the entire online shopping industry logged record highs in 2017. Compared to Cyber Monday 2016, this year’s online shopping day saw a 16.8 percent year-over-year increase in total sales. In addition, Cyber Monday 2017 also did better in revenue compared to the usually busy Black Friday shopping day this year, which brought in $5.03 billion compared to $6.59 billion for its online Monday counterpart.

Adobe’s data also suggests that more shoppers are shopping on mobile. The firm recorded that a record high of 47.4 percent of total visits came from mobile devices. Broken down, that’s 39.9 percent from smartphones and 7.6 percent from tablets. When it comes to total order value, iOS had the lead with an average value of $123 compared to Android’s $110.

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