AT&T Acknowledges Cellular Service Outages Across the U.S.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, AT&T acknowledged that some of its customers are having issues placing calls over its wireless network, following a flood of reports earlier in the day suggesting that the carrier’s network was down in key markets across the U.S.

By 4:00 pm Wednesday afternoon, nearly 6,000 complaints about AT&T service outages had been lodged with DownDetecor, and reports of persisting issues have continued, in smaller numbers, well into Thursday morning.

“We are aware of an issue affecting some users’ ability to make certain wireless calls,” AT&T said in its official statement published to Twitter, while adding that “Currently there is an outage affecting wireless services in your area. Please know that technicians are working to restore your services at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and we appreciate your patience while we restore your services.”

While AT&T acknowledged the issues and provided options for users to try addressing them on their own, it appears that even as of Thursday morning some users are still not able to place or receive calls, according to complaint reports lodged on Twitter and with DownDetecor. All AT&T devices with LTE capabilities appear to be affected by this issue, which is not exclusive to iPhone or any other handset particularly.

If you’ve experienced an issue when making wireless calls, please restart your device – that should resolve the issue.

— ATTCares (@ATTCares) November 15, 2017

Is There a Solution?

At present, AT&T is suggesting that customers beset by outages try manually restarting their phone by powering it off and on again. If the issues persist, at least for the time being, there’s also the option to place calls over your Wi-Fi network thanks to AT&T’s Wi-Fi calling feature.

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