Apple Music, Bandsintown Team up for New Music Discovery Experience

Popular live music discovery firm, Bandsintown, introduced a new service which will allow Apple Music subscribers to stream their songs and playlists directly inside the company’s mobile app. “When you visit an artist’s tour dates page, you’ll see a play button up top. Tap it and a selection of songs will begin. You can also tap an EQ icon in the bottom right corner of the app to browse other tracks,” according to a revelation of the news via Engadget.

The integration of in-app streaming capabilities, which is made possible thanks to Apple’s proprietary MusicKit framework, should come as a welcomed feature addition to the benefit of Apple Music subscribers. Bandsintown, whose app enables music lovers to search and discover new artists and live performances upcoming in their area, says its goal is to enhance and simply the process of discovering new music and artists for its many users.

The firm’s new in-app streaming feature is currently exclusive to Apple Music subscribers due to the fact that Apple’s MusicKit framework is the only music streaming platform that, so far, allows full integration along these lines. It’s worth pointing out that Bandsintown currently offers Spotify users the option to connect their accounts and receive alerts to shows from their favorite artists, while serving up recommendations for curated playlists.

There’s currently no word of when or if a similar in-app streaming option may become available to Spotify subscribers, or those of similar platforms like Pandora, but given Apple Music has already been integrated, it’s not an unlikely proposition for the near future.

Click here to learn more about Bandsintown, and here to download the company’s robust music software for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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