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5.8-inch iPhone X Successor Might Cost Less Than $1,000

Apple is in the process of readying three new iPhone models for release this fall, with the latest rumors suggesting they’ll include a 5.85-inch iPhone X replacement, a larger 6.45-inch iPhone X Plus, and a mid-range 6.1-inch iPhone model featuring LCD display tech in lieu of OLED. Considering current trends in the smartphone component market, […]

Siri Bug Can Reveal Private Messages on Locked iPhones

A newly discovered Siri bug in iOS 11 could reveal your private app messages, even on an iPhone that’s locked. The bug, which was first spotted by Brazilian site MacMagazine, affects a wide range of messaging apps including WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, and Skype. Basically, iOS 11 allows users to hide message previews on the Lock […]

Why ‘Trouble Is Looming’ for Apple’s Most Expensive iPhone Models

Apple’s announcement of its thousand-dollar iPhone X was met with mixed feelings. While most pundits and analysts lauded the company for its innovative new hardware and introduction of impressive, next-generation technologies, unfortunately the sheer fact that it would all cost $999 (or more) had some analysts and cost-conscious consumers cringing at the very thought. Even […]

Colorful New Apple Watch Bands Are Here Just in Time for Spring

Things just got a little more colorful for owners of the Apple Watch. On Wednesday, Apple announced its spring collection with more than 20 new Apple Watch bands. Apple recently added winter sports tracking to Series 3. And earlier this month celebrated International Women’s Day. Now they’re getting ready for spring. The new varieties will […]

Nokia 5233 Explodes Mid-Call Killing a Teenage Girl in India

Uma Oram, an 18-year-old girl from India, was reportedly speaking to a relative on an older Nokia 5233 when the unthinkable happened. In the middle of her conversation, Oram plugged the Nokia 5233 into an outlet to charge the battery when it exploded, ultimately killing the teenager. Metro reported, “Uma… was knocked unconscious and suffered injuries […]

Apple’s TrueDepth Tech Maintains Massive Lead Over Android OEMs

Jump To: Optical Filter Shortage VCSEL Shortage Apple’s Leg Up We know that Apple’s facial recognition and 3D imaging technology, TrueDepth, is at least two-and-a-half years ahead of its closest competition. And while Samsung recently tried its hand at mimicking the TrueDepth and Animoji experience on its next-generation Galaxy S9 flagships, the South Korean company ultimately […]

How to Protect Your Personal Data and Privacy on Facebook

Jump To: How to Protect Your Privacy Other Privacy Tips & Best Practices Over the weekend, it was revealed that a political research firm had harvested data from nearly 50 million Facebook profiles. It’s not entirely accurate to call the incident a “data breach.” Most of the user data that the firm, Cambridge Analytica, had […]