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2018 MacBook Pro Teardown Reveals Larger Battery and More

Jump To: Larger Batteries Updated Power Adapter Upgraded T2 Chipset Things That Haven’t Changed Popular tech repair site iFixit has completed its teardown of the 2018 MacBook Pro — and though it hinted at a new feature last week, there were quite a few more differences discovered in the new models. Arguably the most notable […]

Amazon Is Giving Away Free Money in Honor of Prime Day

Jump To: How to Get Amazon’s Promotional Credits Additional Notes If thousands of deals and discounts on a variety of products wasn’t enough, Amazon is also giving away free money in honor of Prime Day. You heard that right. Amazon is just giving people free money on their shopping holiday. If you’re going to spend […]

Apple Ends Free Out-of-Warranty iPhone 7 Microphone Repairs

Apple has ended free out-of-warranty repairs for iPhone 7 devices with microphone issues. Reportedly, the problem affects iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus devices running iOS 11.3 or later. The bug caused issues with being heard in phone or FaceTime calls and sometimes resulted in a grayed-out speaker button on the iPhone’s display. The issue […]

How to Shut Down and Force Restart an iPhone X

Jump To: How to Shut Down iPhone X with Buttons How to Shut Down iPhone X without Buttons How to Restart iPhone X One of the major physical changes of the iPhone X is the removal of the Home button, which was capable of doing a lot of tasks that range from invoking Siri to […]

Apple Teases New Emoji Coming to iOS, macOS and watchOS

Apple is celebrating World Emoji Day on July 17 by teasing some of the new emoji characters slated to arrive on its various operating systems this fall. All in all, there are more than 70 new emoji based on approved characters in the Unicode 11.0 standard. They’ll join thousands of existing emoji in iOS 12, […]

Woman Finds Her iPhone Unharmed After Falling 1,000-Feet from Plane

We’ve witnessed numerous accounts in which Apple’s iPhone devices have prevailed when pitted against a range of physical or environmental extremes. From stress tests executed in the name of showcasing their impressive physical durability, to far more extreme, and warranty-voiding conditions — like the story of the iPhone X which was retrieved unscathed following an unplanned […]

Walmart’s New Tech Will Be Able to Spy on Employees and Customers

Walmart has patented an audio surveillance system that would allow the company to collect recordings of conversations between cashiers and customers during transactions. According to the patent description, the system comprises one or more sound sensors distributed throughout the shopping facility configured to receive sounds resulting from activity. A control circuit would then receive audio […]