Month: September 2017

iPhone 8, X Destroy High-End Android Phones in New Speed Tests

Apple’s custom-designed A-series chips are marvels in mobile processing, powering generation-after-generation of iPhone and iPad devices with their advanced, ultra-fast yet power-efficient architecture. Over the past year or so, specifically, Apple’s systems on a chip (SoCs) have absolutely obliterated their closest competition — even comparable offerings like Samsung’s Galaxy S8, S8+, or LG’s G6, which […]

Malware Found in CCleaner Software Downloaded 2 Million+ Times

Hackers were able to hide malware inside legitimate versions of CCleaner, a popular privacy and PC optimization tool that cleans cookies and junk files out of computers. CCleaner customers have been urged by the software maker to update their software to the most recent version available. The malware was able to run undetected for nearly […]

iOS 11 Reported to Make iPhone 5s Devices Slower

iOS 11 is a major update to the Apple mobile operating system and it brings a slew of new features and capabilities. On the other hand, however, it may also affect speeds on certain older devices. Specifically, the iPhone 5s — the oldest handset that can run iOS 11 — might take a speed hit […]

Moto G4 Plus Bluetooth Share 7.0 Issue Gets an Unofficial Fix

A Bluetooth connectivity issue is affecting several Moto G4 Plus users Google and Motorola (Lenovo) haven’t acknowledged the issue yet There is an unofficial workaround you could try in the meantime A workaround has surfaced to temporarily fix an issue that appears to be affecting several Moto G4 Plus customers. A significant number of Moto […]